Friday, December 5, 2008

twenty one

I waited for what felt like hours. Where the fuck was Kate at? I folded some clothes absently, channeling my mother’s nervous habits. At nearly five the door opened.
“Hey!” Kate was flushed and carrying numerous shopping bags.
“Hey A.” Blanche peeked her head over Kate’s shoulder. I was surprised. Had they been hanging out? Since when were they hanging out kind of friends? To my knowledge, Kate didn’t even like Blanche that much. Kate flung her bags on to her bed, and turned to me, smiling.
“Wait til you see all the shit I bought. Whoa, your hair! It looks sick!”
“Since when do you shop?” I touched my new bob self consciously.
“Since I made her. And I agree, the hair is ah-may-zing.” Blanche annunciated, smiling.I was glad they liked it, but my irritation was overwhelming. How could Kate be so happy when I was so upset? What a bitch. Blanche sat on my bed next to me, and put her arm around my shoulder. “I heard about Marcus. What an asshole.” What the fuck? Kate told Blanche of all people? I felt my embarrassment creep over my newly naked neck. My anger with Kate grew stronger every second. She was busy pulling things out of bags, and tossing them haphazardly in piles.
“These are for you.” she threw me a pair of purple suede knee high boots, flat bottomed and devastatingly cool. I warmed slightly to her effort to cheer me up.
“I don’t know how I found size ten boots, but there you go. I know you’ve been coveting those ones from that designer or whatever, and I thought these were similar enough. I smiled despite myself. They looked nothing like the boots I wanted, but they were sweet enough it didn’t matter. I stood up and pulled them on over my skinny jeans. I looked down at the effect, and was decidedly pleased.
“Thanks Kate. These are really dope.”
“Blanche picked ‘em out for herself, but since they’re so big, we figured you’d be perfect. Elephant feet, and all that.”
“You little bitch.”
“Oh and we’re having a medieval party on Friday. I got you a cape too.” she held out a heavy velvet cape which looked ridiculous.
“Where did you find a cape?”
“I have my ways.”
Blanche was trying on sun sunglasses in the mirror, turning and primping, checking each angle meticulously.
“And I got myself some men’s vests and men’s shirts at this awesome store called Sid Vintage in Noho. Annnnd I got this. To replace your Aaron flannel.” she tossed a green flannel shirt at me. “It’s time for New Alice to let go of Aaron totally.”
“Yeah, high school baggage is so terrible.” Blanche remarked, turning towards me with her shades still on. “I had a boyfriend I didn’t get over til I dated Marcus. Oops.” she cringed when she mentioned his name.
“It’s fine. I’m over it. I’m going to show him what he missed.”
“He really is missing a lot. You’re the best.” Kate said genuinely. I smiled at her softly, a silent thank you for her support. I wasn’t as pissed anymore.
“Let’s go get dinner, and then I’m taking you two out to a bar. You have class tomorrow?” Blanche asked.
“Nope, day off for both of us.” Kate responded. “Second day in a row for delinquent Alice here. Way to skip your first college class ever.” she chuckled.
“Outstanding circumstances. But yes, we both have tomorrow off, so I’d love to go out. I’m going to wear my new boots!” I felt a knot in my stomach untwist. Girl time with my best friend and my new party pal was just what I needed. I also needed to eat, I realized as my stomach grumbled. I hadn’t eaten all day while I was wallowing.
“let’s hurry, I’m fucking starving.” I groaned to them.
“Okay, okay, I could use a good burger right bout now.” Kate stood up to go.
“I don’t get how you two eat like that.” Blanche complained, “I’d be massive.”
“Stoner metabolism. Which reminds me…” Kate trailed off. “Al, can you wait until we pack a bowl before you die of starvation?”
“Always.” I responded with an empathic nod.


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing writer. Thank you for writing such thought provoking dialogue. I only dread over how things will turn out in the end. But in the meantime, so much to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) check out this emo boy one at this blog: